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Monetize better with subscriptions.

It's time you owned your content, audience, and destiny.

Launch your member-based video channel today.


How do member video channels work?

Your own video hosting platform, just for your community
— without the development hassle.

Video platform + Subscription Management


Publish your video episode

Create a video channel with your vanity URL. Shoot and edit your video, publish it in 4K. Decide whether it is open to all or just for your premium subscribers.


Build your audience

Tell your friends, foes, and followers alike. Email them; share it on social. Import your email list. Engage with subscribers in private discussions and with additional content. Your community is yours and yours alone (export anytime).


Monetize with subscriptions

Setup multiple price tiers and track revenue and users, from free to paid. Make bank with subscriptions. (Ads are so yester-decade.)

You can even incentivize subscribers to have a stake in your video channel and share in its success. Maven automatically handles all the revenue splitting and payouts!

Why Maven?

Don't be beholden to the algorithm.

YouTube is broken. Thousands of views and yet barely any money for the effort. So videos on YouTube end up as content marketing, spammy, or pushing ancillary wares to make ends meet.

And with each passing minute, 100 more hours of content gets uploaded, now competing with yours. Ever more content that the algorithm has to redirect viewers away from you.

Let's face it: to YouTube, you are a commodity.

And there's nothing you can do as you don't own your audience. The algorithm does.

Don't be their product that they're shilling to advertisers.

Maven's on a mission to help experts and creators share their erudition, generate income directly, and take control of their destiny.

We help you create your own member-based video channel and publish amazing episodic video. Create membership levels and set the subscription prices. Viewers will turn into recurring revenue which will give you the fuel to grow your channel to make it bigger and better.

Better yet, turn subscribers into incentivized stakeholders where creators and premium subscribers share in the channel's revenue. Who says it can't pay to be an early fan and tastemaker!

And Maven is totally free to get started. Really! When creators are ready to turn on paid subscriptions is when we get paid. Win-win-win: everyone's incentives align.

Own your destiny.

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Maven has all the tools needed to build and run your video channel and generate real income without being at the mercy of ever-changing algorithms

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Alignment of incentives

Free to get started. Free while you build your early audience.

We succeed when you succeed.

When you start charging your audience and make money is when we make money.

We grow as you grow.


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Zealously do you

There are topics you are innately curious about.
This curiosity has led you to develop an expertise and a desire.

Actually, three desires:
to share that knowledge with others,
to build up an audience,
and to make a living out of your passion.

And video is your preferred medium.
You love a thought-provoking,
engaging, and entertaining short video.

Welcome to Maven.
The platform for episodic video content
that enables creators to share their expertise with the world
and earn a living.

Zealously do you.
We'll take care of the rest.

Hell yeeh!