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Use the built-in newsletter to notify subscribers you have a new video out. If you have an email list, import it.  Share snippets easily on social media.


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Setup tiers, track revenue, and manage subscribers. Take control of your revenue with memberships.

Why Maven?

Don't be beholden to the algorithm.

YouTube is broken. Thousands of views and yet barely any money for the effort. So videos on YouTube end up as content marketing, spammy, or pushing ancillary wares to make ends meet.

And with each passing minute, 100 more hours of content gets uploaded, now competing with yours. Ever more content that the algorithm has to redirect viewers away from you.

Let's face it: to YouTube, you are a commodity.

And there's nothing you can do as you don't own your audience. The algorithm does.

Don't be their product that they're shilling to advertisers.

Maven is on a mission to help creators take control of their destiny, returning the ownership of content and connection to subscribers back to creators while removing the reliance on ad revenue through private memberships.

With Maven, you can create your own member-based video channel including multiple subscription prices with each custom membership levels.
Recurring revenue comes directly from your loyal fans.

Even better, now you can can create a premium offer that allows superfans to become incentivized stakeholders - you and your premium subscribers share in the channel's revenue and grow together!
Maven automatically handles the revenue splitting and payments.

Who say's it doesn't pay to be a fan?

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Maven has all the tools needed to build and run your video channel and generate real income without being at the mercy of ever-changing algorithms

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YouTube is great platform for getting discovered but not so much for income. Creators have to work super hard to compete for ad-revenue.

Burnout is a real problem among YouTubers, in part because it's so much more work than just making videos to be successful on YouTube, especially when you are reliant on ad-revenue in a sea of competition for eyes.

To make it as a YouTuber, creators have to put in long hours beyond just the filming and editing, and do it again for every video. All this while earning less than you can live on in most of the world.

Less than 2% of YouTubers generate enough income to rise above the US poverty level. It's full-time work for chump-change!

To earn around just $5K a month ($60K a year) in ad-revenue on YouTube, you need over a million subscribers.

And yet what most YouTubers don't realize is that they likely already have fans in their audience who are more than happy to pay to get more access, engagement, and exclusive content from their favorite creators!

All you need to earn over $100K a year much easier:

< 850 fans willing to pay $10 / month
< 350 fans willing to pay $25 / month
< 85 fans willing to pay $100 / month


.. with Maven you can do all of the above

Create up to 4 offers, priced however you like.

All you have to do is let your fans know and watch your revenue grow!

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